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best insult ever

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i wanna intimidate you

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If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

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*releases 420 cows into a field* hahahaha graze it

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Mysterons - Portishead

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Across the sea // Weezer.

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I feel like Pocahontas II gets a lot of undeserved crap. 

What is a great movie? No not at all, the quality wasn’t there (I didn’t expect it to be because it was a sequel.) and I totally understand criticizing that element of it.

But what people most criticize is that she ends up with John Rolfe.

The Movie is already terribly historically inaccurate, but this one thing they did in the entire Pocahontas franchise…I’m going to give them props for.  

John Rolfe loved her, as did John Smith, but at the end of the day, John Rolfe respected her as a person and believed in her dream too. In the real world, sometimes whirlwind romances don’t last, and that’s okay.

Now, John Rolfe didn’t even start out respecting her but he did grow, listen and learn, and through that he found his respect for her, which made him the obvious choice for me. 

Was it the classic cliche? No. And I’m glad it wasn’t, because she decided to love someone who respected her rather than someone who just loved her as an Indian. 

John Rolfe (character not historical figure) > John Smith (character not historical figure)

It’s a direct-to-video Disney sequel. It’s bound to suck. Other shitty examples include Mulan 2 and Lion King 2.

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